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Chuck Ramsey’s professional music career began while he was still an undergraduate at Penn State University, dividing his time between the basement practice rooms in the Music Building (he was a trombone performance major) and the downtown bars (where he played guitar and trombone with a psychedelic indie rock band).  His time with this band gave him his first taste of the touring life - loading up an old van on weekends and taking off to play shows in Washington D.C., Pittsburgh, Philly, and New York City.  It also gave him the confidence to record his first solo album, which he wrote largely in those same basement practice rooms.  


When Ramsey had earned his Master’s degree in Music Theory/History, then got hired by the university as an instructor, a career in academia looked promising.  But a bigger city beckoned and, after a few years of teaching, Ramsey found himself back in his hometown of Philadelphia - paying his rent with that classic musician’s dual career: teaching guitar and piano lessons and serving up lattes in a South Street coffee shop.  The money was scarce but there was plenty of inspiration to be found, and Ramsey continued writing and recording his songs - while making frequent trips to New York to perform them.  

Eventually the call of New York City became too strong, and Ramsey moved there in 2011 with very little money and no job except for a part-time gig accompanying singers at a voice studio downtown.  Eventually, little by little, Ramsey built up a full-time gigging schedule: five nights/week playing guitar and singing in an Irish pub just off Times Square, Sunday mornings on the pipe organ in several churches around the city, piano bars, kids’ concerts and birthdays by day, and - in the fall of 2017 - teaching a singing class to undergraduates in NYU’s School of Theatre.  All the while, Ramsey never stopped writing songs.  He formed a writing partnership with Paulie Z, star of the IFC series Z-Rock and frontman of ZO2, which resulted in Paulie’s first solo EP, and their song "Here We Are" being used in the movie "The Last Movie Star" (2018) starring Burt Reynolds and Ariel Winter.  He made frequent trips to Los Angeles to write and demo songs with one of the pop music industry’s top producers, and to perform in such legendary West Coast venues as the Viper Room and the Whisky-a-Go-Go.  And of course, back in New York, Ramsey continued to write and demo songs by and for himself.

2018 saw the release of two new singles, “One of Us” (co-written with Grammy-winner Scot Sax) and “Into the Beautiful World.” Ramsey’s next single, “The Dream is Over,” was released in June of 2019.  Ramsey is currently finishing up work on a new album, to be released in late 2019.  




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