One of Us (2018)

The song is a very catchy rock tune that you will probably be singing the chorus to before the song ends!
— Rock The Pigeon

Love Don't Need to Feel So Foreign (2012)

‘Love Don’t Need to Feel So Foreign’ is a follow-up to Ramsey’s mellifluous 2009 LP ‘Good Morning & Good Night,’ and it again shows off his keen melodic sense and lovingly-crafted pop.

— The Big Takeover

Good Morning & Good Night (2009)

The music of Charles Ramsey could be summed up best by invoking 3 famous “B”s: The Brill Building, Burt Bacharach, and Brian Wilson… If this kind of pop is up your alley, this will be a major find.
— Absolute Powerpop
If you like music that beguiles you, that grabs your attention and renders you unable to do anything other than listen then I cannot recommend this album enough.
— Teatunes (UK)

Something New (2005)

Incredibly likeable, immediately finding a niche deep inside your brain.
— Centre Daily Times (PA)

Other Releases

This should be a Christmas number 1!
— Ian Rothwell, Salford City Radio (UK)