Selected Press


“‘Love Don’t Need to Feel So Foreign” is a follow-up to Ramsey’s mellifluous 2009 LP ‘Good Morning & Good Night,’ and it again shows off his keen melodic sense and lovingly-crafted pop. Each full-bodied composition evokes a different feel; see the country-flecked ‘Architect in Love,’ the Beatles-esque ‘Carmen,’ or the melancholy ‘On Your Own Time,’ to name the first three. It’s very nice!”

“Timeless, well-written songs adorned with great piano-based melodies and soaring, passionate vocals.” 

-Not Lame

“If ‘Good Morning & Good Night’ didn’t have a 2009 copyright date on it, you`d think this was a long-lost gem.” 

-The Big Takeover

“Great pop melodies, one of the best releases of 2009.”

-Paralelo Pop (Brazil)

“I purchase dozens of albums every year and find only a scant few songs create a persistence of memory, an impression on your mind that not only makes you whistle it without realising but makes you want to get back to the stereo immediately to listen to that track one more time. Good Morning and Good Night, surprisingly, has more than one of these tracks…  If you like music that beguiles you, that grabs your attention and renders you unable to do anything other than listen then I cannot recommend this album enough.”

-Teatunes (UK)

“Charles Ramsey’s second album has plenty of great songs, and it’s opening title track evokes those bright melodic Burt Bacharach-Hal David hits of the 70’s… The brilliant “My Lost Days” resembles Michael Brown (Left Banke, Stories) with a masterful hook, melody and a gorgeous key change in the chorus.”


“The music of Philly’s Charles Ramsey could be summed up best by invoking 3 famous “B”s: The Brill Building, Burt Bacharach, and Brian Wilson… If this kind of pop is up your alley, this will be a major find.”

-Absolute Powerpop 

“The latest ‘beautiful’ song moment came courtesy of Charles Ramsey. ‘She Changes You’, from his current album, ‘Good Morning and Good Night’, is a perfect pop song. A gentle drum beat and a stirring string refrain lure you in before Ramsey’s distinctive but utterly soothing vocals take over. It’s not great surprise to see that he counts The Beatles, Burt Bacharach and The Divine Comedy amongst his influences. The presence of both a harpsichord and an English Horn on this track ensure that it is sonically beguiling.”

-JustPlayed (UK)

“Though he seems to wear his influences on his sleeve, and pay tribute to them with his sound, Ramsey’s talent is all his own.  As styles and genres of popular music continue to change it’s refreshing to hear an artist whose sound may not fit in to the current “scene”, yet still offer up a variety of great songs. 4/5”

-Cracked Music (Philadelphia)

“It’s all here: strings, horns, Ramsey’s smooth voice and some truly marvelous songwriting.”

-DaggerZine (Portland)

“Great, wonderful, tremendous. There is only one way to define the music of Charles Ramsey: POP WITH CAPITAL LETTERS! After a first and stunning album that came to light in 2005 (“Something New”) now returns to give us this wonderful collection of songs where we can find pure folk and sixties pop that will delight fans of Emitt Rhodes, P.Dello, Harry Nilsson and The Beatles.”

-PowerPopAction (Spain)